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Yoga can be a life changing practice and a wonderful way to cultivate a happier, healthier and more mindful life.

Yoga is not about perfection, performing a beautiful pose or a competition of flexibility. It’s not exclusive to young people or those who are already flexible, athletic, or spiritual.

Yoga has been a traditional contemplative practice for thousands of years and is one of the most ancient forms of mind-body exercise.

Centred Ground offers both small tailored classes led by a qualified physiotherapist, as well as general yoga classes. Our classes are accessible and inclusive, regardless of your gender, age, current level of flexibility or fitness, ability or injuries. You’ll be in a class that is safe, effective and fun.

Scientific research is beginning to explain the effects and therapeutic benefits of yoga:

  • Improved concentration
  • Stress reduction – and relaxation techniques that can be used in times of stress
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • Better awareness of the body and mind
  • Better sleep
  • Yoga is also wonderful for us as we age…increased balance and coordination can help injury prevention as our bodies mature


New to yoga? Join one of our Beginner’s Introductory courses. Courses run for 8 weeks and offer new students a firm foundation in yoga with step by step instruction of the basic asanas (postures), breathing and relaxation.

Next commencement date:
Thursday 23rd Sept 2021, 5.45-7 pm

Bookings now open

Cost: $150 (8 classes)

Visit our Events page or contact Centred Ground for further details


Therapeutic small group classes are ideal for those with particular conditions or injuries where the use of props will support any limitations.

Following initial assessment, the class will be tailored for you and have the added advantage of private health rebates.

yoga class types

Beginner level = for those new to yoga or with little experience. This class, while still challenging, is a slower pace and focusses mainly on the foundational poses of yoga. Beginner’s will learn to work toward inversions such as handstand and shoulder stand (Sarvangasana).

General level = for those who have some previous experience and a reasonable level of fitness. In this class we cover a wider variety of poses and a different focus each week. Inversion practices are included.

Mixed level = All levels of experience welcome – options will be given for each level, so that you can choose what suits you on any given day.

Restorative = slower paced, gentle and supported poses suitable for both beginner and experienced. This is a class to bring calm to the nervous system.

Completely new to Iyengar yoga? Enrol into one of our Introductory Yoga classes.

yoga class

casual class
  • OR 10 Class Pass $190 (Purchase at the centre)

    75min Yoga class in the Iyengar method. The class focus and poses will vary each week.

    Refer to the class descriptions above for levels of difficulty.
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Ten class pass & intro offers

4 month expiry

New to Centred Ground? We'd love for you to see what we're about.

Try our Intro Offer- 2 weeks unlimited for $30. *not available during 1/7 density restrictions
  • Purchase both offers at the centre.
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Mindfulness sessions

per class
  • 10 Class Pass $180
    (Purchase at the studio)

    45 minute guided meditation session using a variety of methods (breath work, mindfulness, body awareness).
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tailored classes

Smaller group classes led by a physiotherapist are ideal for those with particular conditions or injuries where the use of props will support any limitations.

Following initial assessment, the class will be tailored for you and have the added advantage of private health rebates.

tailored Yoga Class

per class
  • A small group class with a specific focus area (e.g. back & neck care, shoulders or knees). Led by a physiotherapist, participants will perform the same exercises.
    These classes require an initial assessment and re-assessment at various intervals.
    Class numbers are limited (max. 6 participants).
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1:1 Sessions

per class
  • A one on one session is beneficial for treatment of a specific health condition or to further your own practice. An individual program will be tailored to your particular needs and you will receive direct guidance during your session. Private health rebates are available for these sessions.
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the space

Centred Ground provides a relaxing and intimate space diffused with aromatic essential oils.

All yoga mats and props are provided. You are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.

Change rooms and space to leave your belongings are available outside the yoga room.

Class numbers are limited so it is recommended to pre-book your spot to avoid disappointment.


Please wear comfortable clothing: tops and bottoms that are light, breathable, and form-fitting so you can easily move around.

Find a top that won’t fall down or bunch up while you’re doing inverted (upside down) poses. If you’re wearing long pants, make sure they are not too baggy and the legs don’t extend past your feet to avoid stepping on them while holding your poses. It’s also helpful to see your feet, ankles and knees, so you might like to wear shorts or leggings.

Yoga is a barefoot practice – there is space for you to leave your shoes and socks before you enter the yoga room.

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