how we deliver our care

Our aim is to support you on your road to feeling better and empower you to understand your health and the incredible potential you hold to improve your own wellbeing to lead an extraordinary and healthy life.

We believe in individualised care and making connections. This is why we offer treatment services alongside our yoga studio. Centred Ground is a wellness community that values and recognises the importance of mental, physical and emotional health, community and connection.

In the treatment room, we assess your whole body, lifestyle and any other contributing factors to your pain or injury to get to the root cause rather than just treat the symptoms.

Manual (“Hands-on”) therapy, education and specific rehabilitation exercise are an integral part of our approach to help you recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, improve mobility and muscle control and prevent further injury.

At Centred Ground Physiotherapy & Yoga we are determined to see you live your best life. We’ll work hard to figure out what is going on for you when you present with pain, restriction or limited function and will support you to a better state. We want to see our clients get better, and then, in the nicest possible way, not see you again (except in the yoga room of course!).

We have diverse training across many types of therapies. Taking the best techniques from physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, myofascial release, massage and yoga therapy to provide you with effective treatment based on latest evidence and years of clinical experience.

We promise to take the time to listen to your concern, explain things in plain English, discuss our findings with you and give you specific recommendations, supported in writing so you always have the plan to refer back to.

We will regularly review your progress and won’t be happy unless you’re getting a lot better. If your problem is a little more complicated and you aren’t making fast progress with us, then we’ll put you in contact with someone else who can help.

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