Dry Needling

At Centred Ground, we offer Dry Needling for the management of neuro-musculoskeletal pain, chronic pain and movement impairments.

Studies have shown particular benefit for knee osteoarthritis, hip osteoarthritis, piriformis syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, tension type headache, temporomandibular disorders, shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain and plantar fasciitis.

To explain how it works in simple terms- the needles give a little nudge to muscles to say “let go”, or “wake up”; it’s like a circuit breaker to the nervous system- a reset button; and a flush of new blood flow into the tissues.

If you’re a little more scientific, there are significant mechanical, chemical, endocrinological, microvascular, neural and central effects (i.e. activation of the descending pain inhibitory systems, cortex, hypothalamus, and inactivation of the limbic system):

  • There are biomechanical, chemical and vascular increases in beta-endorphins and a reduction in cortisol | I.e. Your body release it’s own pain relieving chemicals & reduces the stress hormone
  • There is improved sensory and motor nerve conduction velocities | i.e. The nerves are able to carry messages about the tissues to the brain more efficiently
  • Blood flow, fibroblastic growth factor and oxygen saturation levels increase | This all means accelerated tissue healing rates and improved ability to heal damaged tissue

Dry Needling is available as a part of your physiotherapy consult – 1 hour or 45 minute sessions, depending on the areas to be treated. 

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